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About us

The core business of Asset+ is to represent real estate investors in Austria, CEE, and SEE. With branch offices and projects in Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Serbia we serve as the interface between real estate owners and their objects in the respective countries. We control and audit real estate projects within existing objects, objects under development or such that are being restructured. As desired by the client, we either see to individual phases of such projects or to the entire process. 

Your Benefit

We have local structures, resources and know-how
in CEE and SEE.


We use our competence and longstanding experience
in asset management to make your project a success.


We are an entirely privately owned company.


We supervise the achievement of all objectives,
without losing sight of the overall strategy.

Asset+ … Your Asset Management Partner in CEE and SEE.



!!! WE'VE MOVED !!!  Our new address is: Boërgasse 10/2, A-1120 Vienna